The WYCRA 200 – Number 59


Number 59 – Falling foul of the ‘Google image Search’ first picture rule

Vomit – Girls – Chosen by both of us – Taken from ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ LP (2011)

So we arrive at another record that has been chosen by the pair of us in this list. It’s an incredible record, and one that sends goosebumps up my neck every time I listen to it.

Around two years ago over at JCs place I wrote about this song and will pretty much repeat everything that I wrote back them in the section below, because I said it all back then and am too tired this morning to think of something else to write. Sorry.

Girls were a band from San Francisco that were formed by Christopher Owens, he spent the majority of his childhood living in a religious cult and then aged around 16 he discovered rock and roll and left the cult – he might have escaped, I’m unsure of the back story to be honest – he then formed a couple of bands, one with Ariel Pink, before forming Girls.

They released two albums, both of which are stunning, ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ is the second and last one, which was released before Owens decided to split the band up and go solo. His solo work is nowhere near as good as the stuff he recorded with Girls. In fact it’s mostly rubbish.

‘Vomit’ is pretty flawless, stretched out for just over six minutes, full of swirling organs, surf guitars, gospel choirs and lyrics about ‘looking for love’. It’s kind of a trip through musical history, 50s surf guitar, 60s folky ballads, late 70s new wave, and then the gospel choir comes in to tie it up at the end. But all of that is over shadowed by Owens’ voice, it sounds wounded and vulnerable but at the same time quite friendly, and all that effort with the music is just there to support his plea in the song to ‘Come in to my heart, my love”. It’s just divine.

Hellhole Ratrace

Lauren Marie

The WYCRA 200 – Number 60


Number 60 – Opinion dividing Hip Hop from Earths biggest mouth

New Slaves – Kanye West – Chosen by SWC – Taken from ‘Yeezus’ LP (2014)

You know how we asked a load of our blogging buddies to assist us in writing this egowanktastic list of ours (and on that next week features a Guest Blogger Triple Header!)? We asked them to select a number from the list (anything outside the Top 20 was fair game) and then the results are history. Well we nearly cheated. We had names against some of the songs and wanted those people to write something about those songs and we were going to just slot them into place. Just to see what happened really?

Robster – we had you down to do young Kenny West here. JC we had you down to do Kings Of Leon. In the end we decided against, because it went against our random ethos and as it happened the randomness worked quite well especially as you will see next week.

So where can we start with Kanye? We’ve written about him before, twice over on JC’s page, firstly under an assumed name I did an ICA for him and then I bought Badger an album of his for our (hopefully soon to be repeated with a slight twist) charity shop series, so you probably all know what I think about him. If you don’t I’ll recap.

I think he’s a massive talent. But I also think he’s a massive prick. That probably sums it up.

‘New Slaves’ is vicious, as angry a piece of music you will ever hear, and possibly one of the most crucial hip hop tracks of recent years. Its about a load of things all at the same time, from racial segregation (“Clean water was only served to the fairer skin”) to fashion trends (“What do you want a fur coat?”) of recent years. It contains a line that I think is genius but again it divides opinion – it’s the one about dicks and swallowing, just in case you were wondering.

And to be honest folks this is why I’ve stuck with Kanye West, I can ignore the nonsense that springs from his mouth, I can ignore the antics and the outspoken rants, because that’s just him grabbing his crotch in public. When you strip all that away and just let the man rap, its marvellous, its inspirational and usually its way ahead of anyone, anything making music out there right now – I’ll add a spoiler here – apart from Kendrick Lamar (featuring later in WYCRA –that’s the spoiler).

What’s so refreshing about ‘New Slaves’ is right near the end, when West has worked himself up into a fury, unleashing a torrid of abuse on those in those Hamptons, you hear him breathe, and then from literally nowhere you get Frank Ocean, possibly the sweetest singer in R n B there is right now to wrap up the song for us. Its just a gloriously sweet end to such an angry track that you kind of miss your step.

Remember what I wrote about Kula Shaker, and how which should judge artists on their music, not what they actually say, well the same and more applies to Kanye West. Yes, he’s a dick but, when he makes records like this, I honestly don’t care.

Black Skinhead

I Am A God

The WYCRA 200 – Number 61


Number 61 – Magnificence but almost out of place

Soon (Andrew Weatherall Mix) – My Bloody Valentine – Chosen by SWC – Taken from ‘Glider’ EP (1991)

‘Loveless’ by My Bloody Valentine is a mess, a sensual , sonic, incredible mess but a mess all the same. Most of it sounds like it has been recorded into a wonky cassette player. Wave after wave of guitars and noise overwhelm what songs are beneath them. It made sense though, despite it being a mess, its like one long bleary eyed dream. A dream accompanied by endless noise.

Thank God then for ‘Soon’, which is magnificent. It’s like a cyborg has taken over the record and beaten some discipline into. It’s a wonderful record, easily their finest moment, forget everything else, seriously just leave it there on the step, come back it later if you need to, and then tell me I’m wrong.

Alan McGee once described ‘Soon’ as ‘Like Happy Mondays doing Sonic Youth’ and I think he’s probably right. You get this blizzard of guitars and largely indecipherable lyrics and then wrapped around that you get that thunderous defibrillating rhythm. Enter then rather fittingly one Andrew Weatherall, who I think with this joins Fatboy Slim as the artist who has so far featured the most on this list, and he turns the greatest thing on that album into a club anthem.

Now ‘Soon’ is full of hip hop beats, vocal loops that go ‘Aaah ha’ and has an infectious little guitar loop scampering delightfully through it like a lamb on poppers and what sounds suspiciously like a cowbell (but it works!). It sounds absolutely nothing like My Bloody Valentine, and it sounds the best bits from the last indie disco you went to in 1992 all pushed together and moulded into one song.

There is a riff that I can hear that sounds like the beginning of ‘How Soon is Now’ (or maybe Soho??) the beats behind it sounds like ‘I’m Free’ by the Soup Dragons the guitar bit sounds like something by the Wonderstuff – and the ‘Aaah ha’ bit sounds like something off of ‘Screamadelica’. In fact I’ll go as far as to say that if this could actually be on ‘Screamadelica’ and not sound out of place.

You get all that in one astonishing track in a frankly exhilarating seven and a half minutes.

So, right now, it’s the Greatest Remix Ever.

You Make Me Realise

The WYCRA 200 – Number 62


Number 62 – Like the Yorkshire Slim Shady, Looks who back…

Bigmouth Strikes Again – The Smiths – Chosen by Badger – Taken from ‘The Queen Is Dead’ LP (1982)

“Can I photograph your swelling for the blog page?”

This is SWC asking me this question the day after I get out of hospital. I am in near agony, I can barely move my left leg, and it took all my energy, strength and self belief to even get myself home. If I laugh it hurts, if I cough it hurts, if I breath the wrong fucking way it hurts, I struggle to eat anything because I have to sit up to do so and I don’t even want to think about the pain of going to the toilet. I might have to ask Mrs Badger to help me there and that will just mean years of washing up punishments (“Its your turn to wash up the roasting tray darling, I did hold your winkie for you when you went to the toilet that time (repeat to fade for ever…)”).

I decline, this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity although he does have a very good point that this would be some very solid proof that men everywhere should be checking themselves on a regular basis. Seriously I don’t want to get all morbid on your asses (or bollocks for that matter) but lads just do it, and if there is anything down there that you don’t think should be there, just go to the doctors, and get it checked. Don’t be embarrassed, seriously your doctor will have seen much worse. Then again, my doctor was on holiday when I went and his replacement was a twenty seven year female locum with very cold hands. It must have been like cupping her dads bits and pieces, if on the off chance you are reading young lady, I am sorry for putting you through that.

So, you guys, I can’t thank you all enough, some of the comments and emails that we’ve had have been lovely, its means an awful lot, and I know that Mrs Badger has kind of already said all this, but I wanted to do it personally, if I had the time I’d visited each and every one of you and get you all roundly pissed or something. It meant more than most of you will ever know.

It’s a good ten days since SWC asked me that question and in that time Mrs Badger appears to have overtaken me in the ‘Best Writer in Badger Towers’ – I mean that was never really in doubt, she used to write speeches for politicians, before she gave it all up to dedicate herself to cycling and she once even made John Prescott sound like a serious politician with important things to say. She is way more talented than I can ever dream of being.   Although I do make a better carrot cake than her. Again, I need to offer some thanks to her, I am still being a nuisance to her and just for the record, she falls off a bike and fractures a hip and breaks her pelvis and is up and walking on crutches in like six days or something. Me I have minor surgery to a very small part of my anatomy and I’m wailing like a baby for two weeks.   Thank you Mrs Badger.

So I should write about The Smiths, I suppose, The Smiths are a band who SWC didn’t want included in this list, because “they are in every bloody list ever, even ones about Kitchen Appliances”. However, he relented because once, a long time ago, before he was married, I should state, he tried (and failed) to cop off with a girl called Naomi at a Levellers concert by pretending to be a Smiths fan. He admitted that to me and that’s why he had to let the Smiths in. I secretly think that this is the reason he doesn’t like the Smiths very much. He’ll say it’s because they are ‘over rated’.

I actually wanted ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’ as my first song at my wedding because at the time it seemed like the sort of romantic thing to do. In the end we changed my mind and it wasn’t (that comes later on in the list folks, because in a strange twist of fate, the same song was also SWC’s first song at his wedding – don’t worry its not number one, we’re not writing a fucking rom com here) but it was like the third or fourth record that I ever danced to as a married man. Yet I’ve omitted that because well that Smiths song actually is in ‘every bloody list ever, even ones about kitchen appliances’, and besides, this list is about favourite or most memorable songs, not best.

And so for me my most favourite Smiths track is ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’ and you’d have to be one cruel bastard to disagree with a stricken, sore bollocked old man right now.

I’ve also got a soft spot for

Frankly, Mr Shankly because there are not enough songs that feature the word ’flatulent’

And just because it seems rude to not post it

Bigmouth Strikes Again – Placebo – which I think we’ve posted before

and just because its got the same name

Big Mouth Strikes Again – Chumbawamba

Aaah its good to be back.

The WYCRA 200 – Number 63


Number 63 – A victory for the underdog.

Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix) – Cornershop – Chosen by SWC – Taken from ‘Single of the Same Name’ (1998)

Now then, there are three reasons why this is one of the greatest number ones of all time, and one of a select bands of tracks in this list that did actually make it all the way to the top of the charts. Its also three reasons why Fatboy Slim is one of the greatest artists of recent times.

I’ll go through them in reverse order if you like.

Thirdly, it’s a track about stuff that shouldn’t really have got to number one, its about filmic escapism, a Bollywood singer Asha Bhosle, who before this record most of us had never heard of, and 7 inch singles released by relatively obscure labels. That on it is own is astonishing. The original release of this in 1997 (which actually is in some opinions far superior to the Fatboy Slim one of above) barely scraped the Top 75. Cornershop were after all a band that began life in protest at the apolitical nature of British music. Their very name inverted a slur against British Asians and they were strangely proud of their musical ineptitude (early live shows were shambolic at best).

Secondly, the puzzling lyrics, drove people mad. The NME, the NME, (repeated there for effect), did a three page Cornershop special in which they printed all the lyrics and explained what they meant to thickos everywhere. I wrote to the NME, after seeing that, and considering I should have been revising for my finals at the time, you’ll appreciate the effort I made, the letter said ‘Dear editor, you are not fucking Smash Hits’, that was it. They never published it. The best thing of all about the lyrics, was the fact that it introduced (briefly) the phrase “Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow” to the nations schoolchildren. That is an incredible achievement.

But finally, and absolutely best of all, it knocked Celine Dion’s Titanic anthem of the top of the charts. Which is just perfect. A slouchy little indie pop song given a big beat makeover by Lord Norman Cook sold for one week more records than Celine Dion the antichrist of music and that folks is why this record is damn near essential.

Here’s the original

Brimful of Asha (Single Version)

The WYCRA 200 – Number 64


Number 64 – The Fix Is In, The Mickeys have been slipped

Sea Within A Sea – The Horrors – Chosen by Badger – Taken from ‘Primary Colours’ LP (2009)

Badger?  Did you fix your injury so that your wife could come on here and write about two records that just so happen to be two of her favourites of recent years…?

I demand an answer.  Folks around this time last year, Mrs Badger fell off a bike after being attacked by a Shetland Pony driving a Landrover (or something, I forget the detail).  He wrote a (admittedly lovely) piece over at JC’s place describing the events of the day.  He ended up with two songs for his wife – the first was ‘Queen’ by Perfume Genius, the second one was this by The Horrors.  Now nearly a year later, he is recovering from eating too much maple syrup and hands the keys to this blog to his wife and asks her to write about two tracks, those tracks being exactly the same two tracks.  That’s some commitment to marriage my friend. Again, I promise I have not fixed this, or changed it, or anything, its genuinely the way it has turned out.  Here’s Mrs B and I’m going to allow the Bobby G bashing that follows because she made me a carrot cake today.  Although come to think of it, that might be the reason she made me a carrot cake, Lorna its a bit dry.  Needs more carrot.

A few years back, Mrs SWC and I took our fellas down to Cornwall to one of the Eden Sessions, it was Primal Scream playing ‘Screamadelica’ – you should have seen their little faces as Bobby G and his band of badly dressed goons played ‘Higher Than The Sun’ as the sun actually set over the Eden Project.  Primal Scream were alright, its just they looked and sounded a little old and dated and I happen to think they should stop flogging ‘Screamadelica’ and perhaps concentrate of making records that are any good.

The night is not all bad, because before Primal Scream you get The Horrors, and they are resplendent, wonderful and they end with an eight minute version of ‘A Sea Within A Sea’ and Faris stands there as the music swirls around him, looking cool in a brown leather jacket and frankly amazing trousers.  The evening sun shines upon him, and he looks far and away more relevant that anything that follows him on stage.

SWC says that I can choose the tracks to add on the bottom of  this, well ‘A Sea Within A Sea’ on my ipod features on an XL Records Retrospective so I’ve taken two tracks off that

The first is for Tim who is as I speak is watching a Cbeebies TV programme about toothpaste (I think its something to do with the young lady presenting it, might be wrong).

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – Radiohead

The second is from a man who I can’t believe the boys haven’t included on this list and was until his untimely death a few years, the coolest person in music called Bobby.

Please Forgive My Heart – Bobby Womack

I think Tim will be back in a few days, its been good fun writing on here, maybe the boys will let me do a bit more in the future….


The WYCRA 200 – Number 65


Number 65 – The Neneh Cherry of her generation…Possibly.

Downtown – Petula Clark – Chosen by SWC – Taken from ‘Downtown’ LP (1965)

“You want me to do what?”

This is my dad speaking to me down the phone.

When Badger and I decided to do this list, at first we thought it should be all about us. However, when we started to flick through our record collections we started to realise that we had both included tracks that were introduced to us by our Dads. So here is the first of five tracks that are dedicated to our respective fathers.  The other four will follow later on.

I’d given him a list containing ten tracks, tracks that I only own because my Dad has played them to death through my formative years, tracks I’d included in my original list of 200 and asked him to list them in order of brilliance. It was obviously a difficult thing to do because I had to remind him at least six times to do it.

In terms of music my dad loves three things,

  1. Soul – being a white, working class guy, nearing 70, Motown is right up his street.
  2. The Rolling Stones, he firmly nailed his colours to the mast in the Great Beatles vs Stones Debate (The Stones though never quite made it on to this list, wonderful as they are) and the Beatles were ‘fucking awful, son’.
  3. Petula Clark, my dad loves Petula Clark.

He was fairly poorly recently, he had a double heart bypass in August, he’s fine now, and claims that he has never felt better. I went all the way to London from Devon to see him one day – and when I got there I found him sitting up in bed in a purple dressing gown half undone showing off a monumental scar, headphones on, listening to music.

For a man who had just undergone lifesaving surgery he looked really happy. He waved at me and mouthed ‘Sit Down’. A couple of minutes later he switched off his ipod off and said “Little bit of advice son, never disturb me when I’m having five minutes with Petula”.

He almost sounded like a Mafia boss. Then he reverted back to being my Dad and we chat shit and make each other laugh so loudly that the nurse tells us off, and to be honest he can talk to me anyway he likes as long as he doesn’t die on me any time soon.

To be honest this is a belting old record. I remember distinctly playing this at a wedding of a friend a few years back and every single person in the room was singing along at the top of their voices – it might have been the Lambrisco I suppose – but it was a brilliant moment and one that not many records have the ability to do.

There is more than just Petula’s voice that makes this record great, on this version, and to be honest I’m not sure if this is the ‘actual’ version but it’s the only one I have, towards the end there is this trumpet solo on it and it’s just incredible. You get Petula’s voice, all sweet and enticing you get that so famous piano link and that tiny little drum snare in it and then this trumpet kicks in. At first it sounds like it’s just a trumpet accompanying then, but then it’s a total wig out, the guy playing it goes crazy. It is the trumpet equivalent of John Squires at the end of ‘I am The Resurrection’.

Its bloody wonderful.

And as we are talking ‘Downtown’ – this is the only other record I can think of right now that contains the word ‘Downtown’.  Its fucking awful son.

Daft Punk Is Playing at My House (Soulwax Shibuya Mix) – LCD Soundsystem


The WYCRA 200 – Number 66


Number 66 – That sleeve….

Buffalo Stance (12” Version) – Neneh Cherry – Chosen by SWC – Taken from ‘Raw Like Sushi’ (1989)

So for a while, armed with this cassette and my vinyl copy of ‘Club Classics Vol 1’ I am a little bit cool at school. I am also discovering The Wonderstuff and through them Pop Will Eat Itself, New Order and James.

I get invited to one or two more parties than usual and for the heady winter of 1989 I actually get a girlfriend a sweet Scottish girl called Lindsay who has moved to the town with her family. Her dad actually plays football for Gillingham (having signed from, if I remember rightly, Queen of the South), and I am starstruck when I get to go round their house for dinner one evening.   I also got free tickets for matches all the while I was stepping out with his daughter (although to be fair they couldn’t really give the tickets away, Gillingham were languishing near the foot of League 2 at the time). When she eventually dumped me for a lad called Danny Smith I think I was more disappointed that I wasn’t going to get any more free football tickets. Her dad was shite at football as well, he had a poor left foot and remains one of only three footballers to have ever cleared the main stand at Priestfield with a penalty kick. I’m pretty sure that that ball is still rising, twenty seven years on, somewhere near Jupiter.

Anyway, we are all on a three day school trip to a place in Sussex called Arundel, a quaint old Roman town, it is a geography field trip and we are all sitting around outside after dinner playing music and discussing life, love and television as the temperature drops, we are a bunch of fourteen years olds, and we think we are at Glastonbury or something.

We do the usual of thing of play a ‘Truth Game’ in which someone asks an embarrassing question and then everyone lies about something that they have done or would like to do. It’s a step up from the last party I went to when you spun a bottle and whichever girl it landed on you ‘went into another room’ with. I remember spinning it and getting a girl called Amanda and we went into another room and kind of just stood there for two minutes in silence before one of us said ‘Shall we go back in then..?’ followed by a massively hasty retreat back into the room.

Then a teacher walks over, and sits with us, it is our English teacher, the late eighties version of a hipster, he was trying desperately to be down with the kids, he was alright to be honest, so we stayed put. It can’t be easy being a teacher looking after twenty teenagers with rampaging hormones. We quickly change the subject to television or music. The teacher states that he is really into De la Soul and ‘hip hop ‘ in general and that gets approving looks from a few of us. We all relaxed, and he turned out to be quite funny, despite being a teacher.

Now, my cassette copy of ‘Raw Like Sushi’ has been on the small cassette player for the last forty minutes or so, before that we had Bros, I kid you not, because they were one of the girls favourite bands (were Bros ever really a band?), and before that I seem to remember Queen being played. Anyway, one of the boys Giles had put it on because he was into that.

Suddenly another teacher had come over to tell us that we had to go in around ten minutes, the English teacher gave her a funny look, because, he was obviously in control of the situation. Just at that point, Neneh Cherry shouts out of the cassette player ‘Give me a muthafucking breakbeat’. Deadly silence. The stuffy teacher turns the tape player off and asks whose tape it is. My best mate Jason gives it away by looking straight at me really, but the cool English teacher tried his best to water the situation down ‘Come on Liz, its only music’, but alas my cassette was confiscated until we got back to school on the Friday (I’m pretty sure she tutted when she saw the album cover as well) and we are all marched back into our dormitories.

The next day, Lindsay asks me out, behind a barn at the World of Rural Country Life, I act cool, and take twenty seconds at least to say yes, I then walk over to my mate Jason grinning. Turns out being in possession of controversial teacher baiting music is something girls notice.  Who knew?

Watusi (Live on Jools Holland)

The WYCRA 200 – Number 67


Number 67 – One of Lady Badgers favourite records of the last ten years

Queen – Perfume Genius – Chosen by Badger – taken from ‘Too Bright’ LP (2014)

Here’s Mrs Badger again, filling in where her idle hubby fears to tread in case he damages something.

Hello again, when I agreed to fill in for Tim, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m nowhere the music geek that the other two are. I mean, I’m a fairly simple kind of girl, if it’s good I’ll tell you it’s good, if it’s bad, I’ll say that as well because thats pretty much all you need to know – right? So as we are on the subject, I think this record is beautiful, easily one of the best things to be released in the last ten years. I’d also recommend their previous album (I have no idea if it’s their first, second or twenty eighth) ‘Put Your Back In 2 It’.

I don’t listen to much music that has been recorded in the last fifteen years, I am under the impression that around October 1999 the government of the time unleashed some sort of fierce sonic wave that destroyed the talent gene in the majority of human beings.

Since then we’ve had bland singer after bland singer (Will Young excepted, solely for ‘Leave Right Now’), faceless boy bands, faceless girl bands (Girls Aloud are excepted because of Nicola but almost included because of Cheryl), untalented stage school indie bands (That will be you The Kooks), talented but ultimately bland rubbish non stage school indie bands (way too many to list), copy cat bands who are trying really hard to be another band that are more successful than them, soulless dance music that could have been recorded any time in the last twenty years, James Blake, Adele and we’ve handed far far far too much power to Simon Cowell.

So it is refreshing that every now and again though a band or an act appears to have avoided the sonic wave, and for me Perfume Genius are one of these acts. It is unusual for me to hand Tim a CD and for him to sit there and listen to it all open mouthed at it. This happened when I played him this song, since then it has become a firm favourite in the Badger household. I discovered it by chance when working from home, I got bored of the debate on Radio 4 about pensions and switched channels to BBC 6 Music and Lauren Laverne played it.

Oh if you need a Tim update, he is still in a bit of pain but has managed to get downstairs (it took him 45 minutes) and he spends a lot of time on the sofa ‘recovering’ whilst watching Sons of Anarchy.  He also needs a shave (in case he is reading).

SWC adds – I didn’t plan this – ‘Queen’ genuinely is number 67 in the list, its just so happens to be a coincidence that it also happens to be one of Mrs B’s favourites.  I’ve added a couple of other tracks from the ‘Too Bright’ album.  Seriously wonderful stuff though.

No Good

Too Bright

The WYCRA 200 – Number 68


Number 68 – Come On Guys It only Takes five Seconds

Revolution – Spacemen 3 – Chosen by SWC – Taken from Single of the Same Name (1988)

Once again we invoke what is now known as the Jamie XX rule because folks, somewhere else in this list one or both of Jason ‘Spaceman’ Pierce and Pete ‘Sonic Boom’ Kember will feature. This is because put simply Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, The Darkside, Spectrum, E.A.R and any of the other countless Spacemen3 spin off bands are all wonderful (lets forget that Lupine Howl happened for a brief moment) and they should be revered as a bunch of geniuses and worshipped until at least the year 2173.

I came to Spacemen 3 too late to see them live, I remember buying ‘Recurring’ when it came out back in 1991, I have an odd feeling that Our Price Girl served me as well, but I might just want that to be correct. I remember playing the cassette to death, I remember being swept away by the craftsmanship of the music, the beauty of the soundscapes all colliding together, the joyous feeling I got when I laid on my bed, slightly sleepy and listening to ‘Big City’ just kind of floating over me and out of the room (Ok I was massively stoned).

It was only when I explored their earlier music that I realised it wasn’t just about the drugs, man (although it was mainly about the drugs, man). ‘Revolution’ is a startlingly angry record, the guitar don’t just sound loud, they sound pissed off. They sound like they are being playing in the middle of a riot by a man holding a Molotov and wearing a makeshift facemask. The lyrics aren’t sung, they are kind of read to you, half spoken, half lectured to you. It’s a warning, then it’s a call to arms, then it’s a full on ‘COME ON lets storm parliament and burn the fucking place to ground’.

Seriously if they played this outside Downing Street Gates when the Anti War Protest were in town or the Students were rampaged it would have happened.   Probably.

This would have been posted on the 11th of the month had the events of last week not ‘overtaken us’ so here as a special treat are some of my favourite Spacemen 3 tracks (the ones that are under 30 minutes long that is)

Walking With Jesus

Feelin Just Fine


Just To See You Smile (Orchestral Mix)

And here is the best Spacemen 3 spin off track that doesn’t feature Kember or Pierce

Waiting for the Angels – Darkside

Don’t say that we don’t spoil you.