One Song A Day (8)


Hyperreal – The Shamen

Or is it One Song A Day (7) – Doesn’t matter…

Does anyone remember the ‘Wasted’ and ‘Volume’ series of CDs that came out back in the mid nineties? It was a strange little concept. What you got was a CD and a magazine/book thing every couple of months or so. At the time it seemed like a breath of fresh air, a glossy little magazine giving you details of the bands featured on the CD, but ultimately they were quite bulky and doomed to failure, despite some of the CDs actually being more than half good. I think to be honest most people threw the books away, not really caring what ‘Jake from the Sandkings’ thought about chips.

‘Volume’ was the ‘indie’ version and they concentrated on newer bands, up and coming bands – bands that record companies wanted to push. ‘Wasted’ was the name for the dance version.   I forget which one surfaced first – occasionally you get cross over stuff, so for example, Pop Will Eat Itself would feature on both, as would today’s selected band The Shamen.   To be fair most of the stuff on ‘Wasted’ was dance music for indie kids (and probably aimed at them) and it kind of introduced them to a whole host of decent dance acts, such Aphex Twin and the Orb.

Towards the end of its shelf life ‘Wasted’ bought out a best of compilation, a double CD version, again a thick little book was included (and subsequently thrown in the bin). ‘Hyperreal’ is taken from there and it’s a marvellous five minutes or so of dubby beats, samples and soundclashes. It’s also a million times better than the nonsense that they churned out a few years later on that saw them become regulars on Top of The Pops.

Here are two more tracks lifted from the ‘Wasted’ CD

Bulletproof – Pop Will Eat Itself – seeing as we’ve mentioned them already

Lick Wid Nit Wit – Sabres of Paradise – which is just pretty bloody essential

Spiritualized Thursdays – Part One – Anyway That You Want Me


  1. Anyway That You Want Me

Yeah its a rubbish title I know.  Work in progress. The concept is simple.  I’m going to post a bit about Spiritualized every Thursday.  Its pretty much going to be a run through the singles but if I called it that I would be ripping of JC – anyway here’s the gumpf.

Spiritualized were formed around the time that Spacemen 3 were on their last legs.  Spacemen 3 were recording ‘Recurrring’ together although, not actually together as we know, in fact totally separate studios, so not actually together at all.  Suddenly around 1990 a single appeared – ‘Anyway That You Want Me’ which was a cover of the Troggs classic.   The very first original pressings of this actually have ‘Spacemen 3’ on the cover (as shown in the picture).  Live shows were announced under the Spacemen name as well, which was as far as Sonic Boom was concerned, the last straw.

Spiritualized were formed – they were basically Spacemen 3 without Sonic and with Kate Radley added to the mix.  The second pressing of the ‘Anyway…’ single features the dedication ‘For Kate’ on its side.

The single is brilliant and is perhaps the perfect place to start any Spiritualized collection – the 12″ came backed with two versions of ‘Step Into The Breeze’ (Parts One and Two).  I don’t own version two – so if anyone can oblige…?

Step Into The Breeze (Part One)

and the there was also a remix 12″, which I had.  Note the had, Dubstar Chris has my copy, or had, he may still have it I have no idea. So I don’t own the remixes but I’ve included a rare out take session as a special treat

Anyway (Violins)


One Song A Day (7)


Kein Trink Wasser – Orbital

Today’s track is from ‘Snivilisation’ an album I literally bought two days ago in a charity shop in Newton Abbot.  It cost me £2.  Alongside it for the same price was a Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy album, which I also bought.

I love Orbital and I know that the Badgers do too.  Mrs Badger came out of hospital yesterday and is now back at home.  She is still in a bit of pain, but she is up and walking about.

So in a strange sort of way this from that album seems kind of apt.

Crash and Carry

and as I mentioned them earlier,

California Uber Alles – which is a very good cover version indeed

Coming tomorrow the start of a new series that I hope I’ll get to the end of.




One Song A Day (5)


Something About the Fire – Adele vs Daft Punk

You remember a few years back that ‘mash ups’ were all the rage?   People took two songs that were quite good and ‘mashed’ them together to make another one.  I had one (and still have in fact) on white label 12″ which took Song 2 by Blur and mashed it with ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by the Prodigy.  It was imaginatively titled ‘Song 3’.  Where as ‘Mash my Song Up’ would have been better.  I’ll dig it out and burn that later if I find the time.

Anyway, all that leads us to today – its a mash up of two songs, One by Adele – yup Adele, seriously under rated if you ask me and Daft Punk.  Who aren’t daft or punks.  I mean who names these bands.


One Song A Day (4)


Hot Mess – Shamir

One of Badger’s favourite acts of recent years.  Shamir emerged out of Las Vegas a few years back and wowed the world with his ‘Northtown’ EP.  He did this when he was just 19.  A few bloggers and media stations started to describe in the same vein as Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey (not a bad thing at all folks).

Badger thinks that he sounds like Prince, ‘When he Was Good’ – which was pretty much most of the time wasn’t it?  Some people agree with him, recently he has been described as mixing Prince with the crackling adolescent soul of a teenage Michael Jackson.

Honestly folks, he really is rather good.

Today’s track is ‘Hot Mess’ and is taken from his debut album ‘Ratchet’

On The Regular



The Sunday Mixtape




So the other thing that the wives did is make you all a mix tape.  Now I’m not sure if Sundays are still going to be Mixtape Sunday or not round these parts, but it was such a good selection of songs that it seems a shame to waste them.  They called it the ‘Girl Power’ Tape without a shred of irony at all.  Also for some reason the font, editing and picture thing on WordPress is not working properly this morning…You don’t come here for pictures of women anyway – well Dirk does, but you know what I mean.

Side One

That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings

Your Revolution – DJ Vadim featuring Sarah Jones

Been A Son – Nirvana

Miniskirt – Braids

Super Rat – Honeyblood


Side Two

Youth Against Fascism – Sonic Youth

Ladykillers – Lush

Shut Up – Savages

50ft Queenie – PJ Harvey

Two Weeks – FKA Twigs


Hopefully the page will be working better tomorrow.










Three Songs One Title (5) – TRY


Now where were we….Oh Yes….

It would appear that ‘Try’ was a bit harder than ‘Honey’ because this week we managed to stump you with one of our choices, which probably means that the track is so poor that no one else was stupid enough to buy it. Actually its because it’s a band from Denmark and I bought it when I was researching bands from Denmark for a piece I wrote over at JC’s place around eighteen months ago. Yup, shame on you all, for not knowing songs by slightly obscure Danish indie bands who sound a bit (tiny bit) like The Pet Shop Boys if they were fronted by Martin Fry from ABC. What’s that? You think you like the sound of that, well, look no further because Song Number One was

Try – Liss

Liss are from Aarhus in Denmark the same city as Danish favourites (and posted two days ag0) Yung hail from and ‘Try’ was their first single – they described themselves as an ‘R&B Soul Band’, but I think they are more soulful indie but folks, let those in the know at the NME clear up what type of music that make – here we go in August 2015 the NME described them as ‘Yacht Rock’. Glads that cleared that up.

Despite JC’s best efforts, Drew from Across the Kitchen Table is starting to open up a massive Chelsea (or Celtic or other team, depending on your view point) style lead at the top of the WYCRA Premier League of Guesswork. Because Drew was again first out of traps and the first to get a correct answer this week when he plumped for

Try – The XX

“I don’t think I’ll get any points though” he wailed. Drew you know how much I love the XX. They are only band to be featured twice in the same week in One Song A Day and we even changed the rules of the WYCRA 200 to allow Jamie XX’s solo stuff to get a look in.   They are as obvious a three points as you will ever get until we ask for songs named “The man Don’t Give A Fuck”. Had Walter got out of bed earlier, he would have picked up three points for mentioning the XX, but because he was second he only gets a point, his first as it happens.

The last three pointer goes to Rol from His Top Ten, another person who said that “His points will be nil” this week. Nope, because there hidden in the depths of my ipod is

Try – The Magic Numbers

Which after listening to it again for the first time in, like ages, is a rather lovely little song.   If Matt had got up earlier instead of lazing about he would have also have got three points, but alas he gets just the one – the second week in a row that Matt has identified the right answer at the wrong time.  I should point out that this track is ripped from the CD and as such I think it contains a hidden track at the end of it.  Two songs for one if you like.

Over in the Two Point bundle sit two songs which aren’t actually called ‘try’. The first is

Try Try Try –Julian Cope

Which is brilliant obviously but was relegated to the lower list for NOT ACTUALLY BEING CALLED ‘TRY’. This didn’t stop JC, Lucy P (via email), Charity Chic, Tragic magic (via email) and Swiss Adam all suggested it. I’m giving you all one point for effort, apart from JC who gets two for suggesting it first.  I’d also add its the finest moment of Julian Cope’s entire music career.  Yes it is, quiet at the back.

Next Up on a very similar slant

Try Try Try – Smashing Pumpkins

To which I will pretty much say “Read What I just Said” but award JC two points because he mentioned it and its an ace track.

Over in the ‘Excellent recommendation’ bundles, these were few and far between, I’ll start inevitably with Drew, who recommends Mighty Joe Drake’s ‘try’ and not something by soul sensation Drake – so he gets an additional point just for NOT mentioning Drake and to make up for me thinking he was mentioning Drake.

Matt also gets a point for mentioning ‘try’ by The Zebras, a band I had never heard of before today – and folks, they appear to be ‘quite a find’. In fact I’m tempted to award Matt two points but I’m not going to.  I will later declare that I discovered this band.

There are obvious points for any mention of Janis Joplin, so well done Charity Chic (who also got a point simply for the fact that badger left him off last weeks table) and finally over to Mr C, who gets another point for cheek with his recommendation of ‘Try’ by Bros.

So here is the table – and its getting rather long so I may have to do a Top Five and Bottom Five soon with a link to the entire table.

Who Total Correct Guesses
DREW 15 3
Rol 9 2
The Great Gog 7 2
JC 7  0
Jonny 5 1
Rigid 5 0
Lucy P 4 1
Matt 3 2
Dirk 3 1
Mr C 3 0
Charity Chic 3  0
Walter 2 1
Tragic 2  0
Swiss Adam 1  0
Echorich 1 0

Now, before the car crash, WYCRA was about to hand over the keys to this blog for an entire week to Mrs SWC and Mrs Badger – that is absolutely true.  We can’t do that now obviously, but I am going to be faithful to our pledge because this weeks word comes from Mrs SWC’s iPod and it is ‘Trouble’ or ‘Troubles’.

So your best guesses for that please….


One Song A Day (3)


Diamond Mine – Hop Along

What’s that?

You’ve never heard of Hop Along?

Crikey – you’ve missed out.  Hop Along are incredible.  They originate from Philapdelphia and play a kind of folky indie punk music which is wrapped around the voice of lead singer Frances Quinlan.  She is a hell of a singer.

She has this sort of raspy growl, and I will describe it as unique.  When I first heard Hop Along I was speechless, I haven’t fallen for a band this much in a long long time.

Todays song comes from their first album ‘Get Disowned’ and it contains the wonderful lyric ‘Flash me your Rottweiler Smile’.

Young and Happy!


One Song A Day (2)


A Stain – Yung

First song up  today was ‘A Stain’ which was taken from ‘Alter’ an EP from brilliant Danish indie punksters Yung.  I’ve raved about them and in particular this EP before. Largely because it contains the essential ‘Nobody Cares’ which was so good it made it on to the WYCRA 200 (remember that?).  They followed that up with a couple of singles and the debut album last year ‘A Youthful Dream’.

You should ignore them at your peril.

Noboody Cares

God (taken from the second mini album ‘These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores’)

Now – I used to do the ‘Festival Thing’ here on Thursdays, anyone miss that??


Since you asked me for An Update


Morning All

Hope you are all well.  Firstly, here’s Badger (well its a copy of the email he asked me to post last night)

“For the second time in about four months I am bowing humbling and doffing my hipster cap to every one who has commented or dropped me an email over the last week or so.  It means so much more than you will ever know.  A bunch of people who I don’t know, and by and large will probably never meet, all taking the time to just say ‘Stay Strong’, its great and much appreciated and me simply saying “Thank you” doesn’t even seem close to being good enough.

Lorna is doing well, the crash was caused by an elderly male having a heart attack at the wheel of his car, this caused him to drive into two other cars – one of them being Lorna’s. Amazingly, she has no broken bones, she is a very battered and has had some glass removed from her left leg and has had a dislocated shoulder put back in its place.  At first the doctors were worried because she kept blacking out, and they were not sure why that was happening.  It was something to do with pressure on the back of neck, that has been resolved and there have been no blackouts for five days know.  Once the swelling has gone down on the shoulder and the leg, she can come home. She is still very groggy, but doing well.  She managed some of Mrs SWC’s award winning home made parsnip soup last night, so she is well on the road to recovery.  I’m sure when the time is right she will be on here saying thank you too”.

Isn’t that great news? And guys, Badger won’t be back on here for a bit, he needs to look after Lorna right now.  You all get that I’m sure.

Which leads us to the blog, a week is a long time in the blog world.  I’ve had time to rethink things, folks, I’m dropping the Colour Chart.  Sorry if there were any massive fans of it.  I wasn’t enjoying writing it to be honest.  I think I might drop one or two other things as well.  The Three Word Challenge will continue though – that should be back on Saturday. There may also be days where there is nothing, because I’m busy doing something else which the people who pay my wages deem ‘important’ bear with me please.

Until then (and until I think of some good/better ideas) we are going to ease our self back into things with the sort of return of ‘One Song A Day’ – so let’s fire up the iPod and see what it give us….

And…..I swear I didn’t plan this up

On Your Own – The Verve – Which is a fairly lovely place to start.  This is a single taken from their excellent ‘A Northern Soul’ album, an album which if you haven’t heard you should all probably check it out.  Here is the rest of tracks from the ‘On Your Own’ Single

I See The Door

Little Gem

Dance On Your Bones

See you tomorrow.