Number Two – Spinning Coin

Ok – I’ll define new since one rude bugger out there who is indier than thou asked the question in this way “Leif Erikson aren’t new, you fucking twat, they have been around for years, I saw them supporting Alt-J in 2014.  What next new band ‘New Order'”.

Well thanks, love you too.

The I saw them first queue is over there and wash your mouth out whilst you are there and beside technically right now New Order are kind of New.

By new I mean New to me at least.  I don’t care if you saw them first in a cow shed in Bournemouth and it was their second ever rehearsal when the singer was even scared to sing in front of a bunch of dollies.  New to me.  Ok.

The point of this series is to highlight some bands that are pretty good and make music that I like.  Not to show off. Ok, now on to a band which I am pretty sure a few of our Scottish pals will have already seen or heard of it (and please feel free to share your reviews of  them)

Who: Spinning Coin

Hometown: Glasgow

The Background : As like most bands out there Spinning Coin formed from the break up of other bands, in this case, bands that I have never heard such as The Yawns and the excellently named Breakfast Muff.  Spinning Coin emerged in 2015 and soon released the debut eponymously titled EP which evoked memories of early Teenage Fanclub and Pastels and in fact they have I think just signed to The Pastels own record label.

The Hype: “Spinning Coin sound like the sun coming out from behind the clouds, lighting up a wet Sunday afternoon north of the border”.  Or if you want something less silly ‘Spinning Coin are magic’ which is a direct quote from one of the Pastels.

For Fans Of: Well Teenage Fanclub obviously, The Magic Numbers, anyone who adores things released on Postcard Records.

Check Out: ‘Albany’ released on Geographic Records last year and new single ‘Raining On Hope Street’.  Which is fairly incredible and easily the best single released so far  this year.

More next week.