Despite ‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ being easily the greatest album of the year, it didn’t bring superstadom, it brought them critical success and a raft of new fans but they still were not the sort of band to play large arenas, and yet for two years they were pretty much the closing act on most stages at festivals everywhere – due to the type of atmosphere that their live shows produced I suppose.  I think the reason why they weren’t at the top of the nation’s shopping lists is because underneath the soundscapes and the carefully crafted musical experiences, was garage rock band prone to toying with jazz and ambience.  Did that make them change and make a pop record?  Hell No.

‘Medication’ is exactly what its title suggests it is, a drug record, an ode to drugs – lets explore some of the lyrics

“Every Day I wake Up and Take My Medication and

I Spend the rest of the day waiting for it to wear off. ”

Need we go any further…

Actually ‘Medication’ was a sort of departure from the old if you like.  It was certainly a rockier number, firmly rooted in Pierce’s garage rock early days, but if you listen the lyrics suggest something else might be on Pierce’s mind

“I’m waiting for the time.   When I can be without

These things that make me feel, this way all of the time”

The song descends into a full on guitar onslaught and its just wonderful – and I’ll go further than that.  I’d say its probably the best song about addiction that there is, yup better than ‘I’m Waiting for The Man’, ‘There She Goes’ and anything Ed Sheeran released during his Lucozade addiction phase of a few years back.  The reason its better is because Pierce was anticipating failure, he knew that the time was probably never going come any time soon.

The B Sides are taken from a John Peel Session I think the first is a lovely if not heavy version of ‘Angel Sigh’ and that is followed by a version of ‘Feel So Sad’ both of which were found on the ‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ album but are slightly different due to them being live tracks. The CD came with an addition track called ‘Space’ which I don’t own – again I’ll smile nicely at the nice man from Across The Kitchen Table’….

Angel Sigh

Feel So Sad

The Promo had a version of ‘Smiles’ also from the debut album on it – here that is