Sorry for the delay, I had a squatter taking camp in the blog just then for a few hours trying to change the world one bus at a time.   I’ve managed to get the keys to the blog back by telling Barry that there was a new Scottish Travel Master 2000 passing through Gosport at midday, which appears to have done the trick. So on with the Song Challenge.

You will remember that I changed the rules, last week to introduce a new Scoring System, the more obscure the song, the more points you receive. So sadly today you get no points for David Bowie, as it was just too obvious.

It doesn’t appear to have worked because both the five point song and the four point song remain unguessed. So here they are, you would have a got five points for this

Changes – Dirty Vegas (Inflagranti Mix) a song which I downloaded mistakenly believing that it was Death in Vegas, but actually not. What it is a fairly decent slab of funky big beated house music.

You would have got four points for this and I’m surprised no one got this

Change – Asian Dub Foundation – which is taken from their excellent ‘Rafi’s Revenge’ album and is rather fine.

Which brings us nicely to the three point one and what we really need is some parental help in this situation because we are getting nowhere fast. Now a few years ago at the height of the weird and surprising popularity of The Osbournes, Ozzy and his daughter Kelly did indeed do a song called ‘Changes’ that went all the way to somewhere near the top of the charts – but that isn’t where we are going – we are going over to Rol – who gets the first points of the new system and therefore instantly takes the lead because at the top of his list he puts

‘Glasvegas’ and is indeed right. He is also lucky because only yesterday did I swap the two and three point songs around.   Rigid Digit also gets a point here.  Rigid if you have a blog – shout and I’ll do some linking next time.

Change – Glasvegas – which as some of you will know features, right there at the end James Allan’s (I think) mother with what is literally the dictionary definition of ‘Motherly Advice’. So for the first time in WYCRA history – it’s time for the ( drum roll…) “WYCRA Bonus Points Round” – Your songs (decent ones) that feature mothers in some capacity please….Points will be added next week.

Next up another ‘How did no one get that?’ and I’m looking directly at you Drew here because the two point song is

Change – Underworld – which is taken from the ‘Best of Volume’ CD ‘Wasted’ that I mentioned a few weeks back and was rightly correctly by everyone as to what it was actually called.

Finally an obvious one but not at obvious as Bowie, it’s…

Changes – Sugar – and a solitary point here for Jez who guessed it correctly but points are also awarded to JC, Swiss Adam and Matt who all say the same thing.  You’ll probably all know how much of a fine piece of music this is already.

Bonus Point time for decent recommendations – actually lets just give everyone a bonus point because there were so many good suggestions, I’ll be here all day otherwise.

So ROL is at the top with FOUR points – the rest of you have a mixture of TWO points and One Point but I can’t work it all out right now – I will catch up.

Next Week – the Word is ‘Silence’ – so any answers (genuinely) sent from libraries will be considered first.