reading 1994

Reading 1994 – Sunday

For the second time in around a year I managed to get myself chucked by a lady for dissing a band.  Well sort of chucked, I wasn’t actually going out with this girl, I was kind of hoping that something would happen between Karen and I, but by 10am on Sunday morning I pretty much ruined that,

There we all were having breakfast at one of the many little café places on site and we were all talking about the day ahead and who we were going to see.  I’ll be honest here the line up had not filled me with massive joy.  There was not one band on the Main Stage that I had any real desire to see.  Possibly Therapy? but probably not.

“Anyone but the Red Hot Chilli Peppers” was my first stupid comment of the morning apparently.  This was quickly followed by “Stupid bloody Anthony stupid Kiedis”.  Karen went ballistic at me, I mean absolutely bat shit crazy,  She and Fiona got up and walked off and we never saw them again.  The last word she ever said to me was “Twat”.

If on Saturday Chris and I saw a record high number of bands, on Sunday we saw a record low because we saw three bands in total on this Sunday.  We also saw a few comedians.  The highlight of my day was Eddie Izzard, and that’s not something I can say that often.

The first band I saw that day were Cud.  This somewhat ironically was the first time I had seen Cud since She Who Cannot Be Named dumped me on an escalator at Kentish Town Tube Station some time ago.  I wanted them to be terrible, but you know what they were rather excellent.  They ended with a singalong version of

Once Again – and there was barely a dry eye in the house by the end of it.  Probably.

Straight after that came Echobelly.  Halfway through the show, Sonya said to the crowd ‘Call Me Names’ and so everyone did, then she did a little giggle and said “I like it” and about 15,000 men fell in love with her.

Call Me Names

After that came They Might Be Giants who sent the crowd crazy.  They were tremendous.  Now a strange thing happened at this gig.  I think I stood behind Badger.  I didn’t know Badger at that time, I had no idea he even existed.   But many years later, we were discussing idiots at gigs and he said

“Once at the Reading Festival I saw They Might Be Giants and standing just to my left was a drunk guy in Shed Seven Tshirt (it was yellow) who kept bumping into people and trying to start a fight with them.  He was the biggest idiot I have ever ‘met’ at a gig.  Well apart from Robbie Fowler who I saw at Manics Gig in 2004.”

Now I remember that chap distinctly.  He was stood just in front of me.  How very strange.

Birdhouse In My Soul

Next week – some student japes in Brighton.