Cuban Cigars – Wall

Here is this weeks ‘new’ band.   Say hello to New York Post Punkers Wall.  They have gone down the ‘mysterious’ route as in their early days they gave no interviews and had very little social media profile.  It’s all very 2010.  Its also a bit of a daft name.

Who: Wall

Hometown: New York City

The Background: Formed from the ashes of several other punk bands that I’ve never heard of Wall are a four piece (three ladies, one guy) who channel the energy of Kathleen Hanna and the gnarkiness of Mark E Smith.  Their breakout hit ‘Cuban Cigars’ was released last year and since then their star has continued to rise across the UK.

The Hype: Wall are the sound of a fantasy New York, of cracked pavements and broken lives, the rattle of subway cars and the whine of the elderly being assaulted.  They sound like the B-52s if they’d been rasied by the Wu Tang Clan.  That was written by the NME.

For Fans Of: Pink Flag era Wire, Parquet Courts, Bikini Kill

Check Out: Self Titled Debut Ep ‘Wall’ – which is available on Amazon or on Wharf Cat Records.