“Do you want to  listen to some music on the way to preschool today?”

“Yes, I want the one with the spirally bits on the cover”.

My daughter means ‘Swim’ by Caribou.  I congratulate her on an excellent choice of CD.  One of the finest releases of the last six years or so.  So to recap, here’s the plan…Princess SWC picks a CD out of a big box, that I am delaying taking up into the loft.  Then we play it on the way to preschool and I reveal what she thinks of it. As usual I will stick the CD on shuffle and see what happens.

Now, I love this album.  Its brilliant and I totally recommend it to you all.  That is all you need to know from me.

“I feel a bit sicky” my daughter tells me as we wind our way down the coast road.  We are travelling a bit slow because we are behind a double decker bus.

“I would feel better if I was on the back of the double decker bus” she said.   This is debatable I tell her.  I ask her if she needs me to stop the car for a little bit.  She says she is fine.  Track One has just started on the stereo so I ask her to listen to the song and see if that helps.

“It sounds like a tiger jumping in the jungle” she said.  Now last night I read her a story about just that I imagine she is thinking about that.

“What makes you say that?” I ask – in fact Track One is ‘Odessa‘ the most accessible moment of the album, its all flutes and guitars and leans heavily on pop music.  It’s also a sweet little break up song and barely mentions tigers at all.

“it has a twiddly bit in it, that’s the tiger jumping in the jungle, it hasn’t made me feel much better though.”

A while later ‘Sun’ comes on.  ‘Sun‘ is brilliant.  “This is a song about the sun, you can hear the voice saying it” I tell her.   ‘Sun’ is actually a throbbing techno house slice of excellence but according to my daughter its…

“Too Loud” she shouts.  I turn it down slightly.  “I don’t like this music, its all bleepy and noisy”.  The song is suddenly interrupted by the Travel Updates which tells me that there is a broken down lorry in Holsworthy, this excites my daughter.  “Is that where we are going?” she asks.

“No” I say.

“Oh, if I saw a tow truck, I might feel a bit better” she said.  Then she goes on to tell me that I should get a tow truck and perhaps we could drive that to preschool instead.  We would get there quicker apparently because we could just drive over all  the over vehicles.  I think now that she is talking about a cartoon that has been on the TV recently about Monster Trucks but I might be wrong.

By the time we get to preschool the track ‘Leave Home’ is on – which I think is the best song that LCD Soundsystem have never made.  I ask her if she is looking forward to her breakfast at preschool, “Yes” she says, “preschool toast is nicer than at home”.  We go into the building and the keyworker there asks if my daughter is ok she shakes her head, and I say

“Oh, yes she is feeling a bit sick this morning its probably just the drive in” and my daughter says

“No, its not, I’m grumpy because daddy played bleepy music in the car and I wanted to listen to what happened to the broken down lorry”.  She then waves goodbye to me and runs off to find her friend Sophie.  I smile at the keyworker, and shrug my shoulders.

So there you have it – Caribou, not quite as exciting as a broken down lorry in Holsworthy.

More next week.