And relax….This is the day we can post anything we like. Very few words, just the music and the reason why we post it. Here’s Badger

I was going to post something by Baby Bird because there is a chap on the comments who keeps mentioning them and they were great and don’t get anywhere near as much credit as they should. But when SWC said I could post anything, anything at all, no need to choose it randomly or connect it to a list or compare it to an animal or a place I had a rethink. It was much harder than I thought but in the end I went for two tracks that I heard last week: –

You Can’t Me Hurt Now – Bonnie Prince Billy – Because I was listening to the ‘Beware’ album just last week and I’d forgotten how tremendous it was.

Uno – Muse – Because I think its funny that the drummer from Muse is now one of SWC’s close neighbours.

Next week its KC’s turn.