Before I start and before I have read a single answer, I would like to hand out some points, and as I am in charge this week, SWC tells me I can do this. So, JC, Drew, Dirk, Walter, Swiss Adam, and Charity you are all awarded minus 1000 points.

Rol, the charmingly named Swede, C, Jonny the Lawyer and Echorich, I award you each 1000 points. With the wheat and chuff separated let’s get on with the show.

I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to mark or even write this (pretty much like you have done in your opening sentence I guess – SWC). It’s my own fault I offered and the boys agreed, so here I am. The problem is like most of you I own very few songs called ‘Tracey’ however you want to spell it and by very few I mean none whatsoever. SWC tells me that there is a formula to writing this, and that is to review the comments and then reveal the answers as and when they appear. I am then supposed to list the answers in obscure order awarding five points for the most obscure – now anyone who has been reading anything I have written will know that my knowledge of music is weak.

Therefore I have decided to award five points for three answers because I have never heard of any of them this week, two points for one band that I have heard of but never actually heard and one point for the band that I have heard of. I will also say that two of these songs are stretching the ‘Tracey’ connection but SWC chose those and was probably ‘trying to be clever’.

So as to your answers – lets start with one of the thousand point guys Rol – he offers a selection of Blur, Prince and someone called the Cufflinks. All of which are WRONG! – Although judging by at least two of the right answers, Blur should have been right, so I’m going to give you another point for that.

Next up comes another thousand pointer, Swede, who at least offers a song called Tracey by Nick Waterhouse, a song that I have just googled and like very much indeed. So I’m going award that a point as well. It’s not right, but again it should have been.

Back to Rol – and he does get the first correct answer of the week with ‘Mogwai’ who are a band that I have heard of but never heard – Mogwai are the two point band – but SWC – has jumped in with his ‘umpire’s costume on’ – which is actually rather better than it sounds – to stipulate that Rol doesn’t get the two points – but one – all will be revealed. Single points are also awarded here to C, and Drew (-999 now, well done).

The two points go to Dirk because he was first to mention the ‘Playing with the Young Team Remix’ of ‘Tracey’ by Mogwai which is in fact the song that SWC had on the list. So Dirk is up to -998. GM Free also mentioned the same mix but not quite as quickly as Dirk, sorry.

Tracey (Playing with the Young Team Mix) – Mogwai – the remix was done by someone called Kid Loco by the way and I have just listened to it for the first time and all I can say is the non remixed version better be better than that.

That was the only correct answer – so Tracey had you all stumped, I’m afraid. The Great Gog can have a point though for recommending ‘Tracie’ by Level 42, I mean it’s not right – this is SWC and Badger we are talking about here – they are far too cool (or think they are) to have Level 42 on their ipods. Although on Wednesday we are having an ipod swap day in the office, so I will soon find out if that’s true or not.

So the right answers – here are the three five point answers

Tracey – Public Access TV – which SWC points out is the ‘second time they have been the answer’. It is the first time I have ever listened to Public Access TV and I  quite like that – a kind of pleasing sort of racket.

Next up Tracy – The Kissaway Trail – who are from Denmark and therefore SWC thinks they are cool. He is seriously thinking about moving to Denmark. Tracey is track three from their debut self titled album and SWC recommends you check it out.

Thirdly is where the envelope starts to get really pushed for it is

Tropics (Erase Traces) by My Morning Jacket – they are an American band and this appears on their ‘The Waterfall’ album. Badger’s turn to explain – “there was a barmaid at a pub near by Dads house in Haxby called ‘Trace’ and she got sacked for nicking all the cigarettes out of the machine. For some reason this song made me think of her”.   Glad that’s cleared up.

On a similar vein let’s move on to the only song that I have actually heard on this list and that is

Leave a Trace – Chvrches

Which if you follow Badger’s logic is self-explanatory. I think what this means is that SWC and Badger only have three songs called Tracey and drastically needed to pad it out to five songs. Great song though.

So the table

Rol has 1004 points he is followed by C who has 1002, Swede who has 1001, Jonny and Echorich who have 1000. GMFree has 2 points, the Great Gog has 1 and then it’s a long way back to Dirk who has -997 and the rest of you have some work to do.

So on to next week and I’m told that Badger is scoring this next week and the word he needs is


Off you go then.