Yup, you read that right. I had an idea. It came to me one afternoon, I was off work on a rest day and there was a knock on the door. It was Mrs SWC.

It turns out she would like me to look after their daughter for a few hours, whilst she has to take her mum to the hospital because she has just been kicked by a horse, not badly but it needs checking out (it was fine, badly bruised, nothing else), she wouldn’t ask but, I interrupt and tell her its fine – SWC did text to ask she says.

I check my phone and there is indeed a text, I just hadn’t responded to it. He tells me that he is on his way home but might an hour or so. Its fine, I can look after a four year old for an hour or so. It will be fun.

Mini SWC has bought a box with her, it has some teddies, a skipping rope and a game of Ludo and Snakes and Ladders with her. I ask her what she wants to do first she says “Do you have any of Aunty Lornas carrot cake?” – Strangely we do, so we munch on some of that whilst watching a TV programme about a cartoon boy.

Then we play Snakes and Ladders I am green and she is blue although we pretend it is purple. She wipes the floor with me, there is no cheating, no turning a blind eye, she just thrashes me, her rolls are exactly right, whilst I seem to be incapable of climbing any ladders and never avoiding the snakes. I am rubbish and Mini SWC tells me so “You are a bit rubbish at this game”. I offer her the Best of Three option in the hope that I am secretly a Snakes and Ladders hustler. She agrees, I grab some biscuits (hoping that SWC doesn’t mind me filling his daughter full of sugar and then just handing her over) and try again. Nope, still lost. It was a bit closer but I’m still well beaten.

SWC arrives and he tells me that the sign of a good childminder is biscuit crumbs on the floor and the fact she doesn’t want to go home. He looks at the Snakes and Ladders game and asks

“Did she beat you?”

“Handsomely” is my reply as I pack the game up and pop it back inside the box. I also give them the rest of the carrot cake.

Then they are off. The game was fun, it brought back memories of my childhood playing the same game with my parents and my brother. About an hour later I have my big idea, which means a trip into my loft. Which is quite dangerous as I probably have a wasps nest in it.

“It’s stupid” says KC, at lunch time when I have grabbed the other WYCRAers for what I have called “An emergency blog meeting” (sounds dramatic, it was the only way that they would have turned up). In front of them lays a Snakes and Ladders game – it goes up to one hundred. My plan is that we play a game and every square we land on reveals a song and we then write about each square. The first one to get to square one hundred wins and has full editorial control of the blog for a week – meaning they get to write about and post whatever they like and the others have to agree.

“Strangely I like it” says SWC (he’s confident and thinks he can win), “Can I be green?” I nod – KC sighs and puts down her sandwich and picks up yellow. I’ll be purple/blue.

So, we have a board, and after I got out of the loft (wasp nest looks dormant, I poked it with a long piece of bamboo) I fired up the ipod and made a note of the first 100 hundred songs (not limited to one song per band) and assigned each one of them to a square. We will post whatever we land on with a one line review and if we land on either a snake or a ladder then we will post bonus material. The first ladder is on six. You can win this game with just five rolls, that is as my brother used to say, “The Perfect Game”. So hopefully we won’t be too long, as this idea will run out of steam fairly quickly I think like the cup competition or one of the other million ideas we start and then stop.

“Ladies first” I say to KC, she rolls – four – which means

Mrs Robinson – the Lemonheads

KC’s review of this is as follows “I far prefer the original” which I think is roughly the only thing you can say about it. We all far prefer the original.

SWC is next as we are following the ‘left always’ mantra. He rolls a five. Putting him in the lead, five means,

Come Home – Ryan Adams – which might be a Saturday answer in a few weeks to come but here is his one line review

“A rather pleasant alt country romp from a distinctly under par album”

I roll a two. Which means I am last and I am still going to be rubbish – but two means

If I Can’t Change your Mind (Live) – Sugar

Which is the best song so far and my review of it is thus “Excellent”

And there we leave it – more next week – I haven’t thought what happens if we land on the same square – so any ideas gratefully received. But next week we will do rolls two and three. If you want to bet on the outcome the current running odds are

SWC 3- 1 (Square 5)

KC – 5- 1 (Square 4)

Badger 750 – 1 (Square 2)