A few weeks ago we posted a track by New York post punkers Wall – last week they released their debut album. Why am I telling you this – well apart from it being brilliant – it is also their last album. They split up whilst recording it. So Wall are no more. I’m hoping that this series isn’t going to be some sort of deathray to new bands.

Moving off from last weeks ‘unlistenable nonsense’ (© JC) of the Lemon Twigs to this weeks new band FEWS – and firstly can I just say – second from the left – that is one heck of a moustache.

The Queen – FEWS

Hometown – Malmo, Sweden (but seemingly based in London)

The Background – FEWS are a band who have been likened to Interpol and indeed todays track does sound kind of like something you would find on Interpol’s debut album, but with a better vocalist and more energy. What FEWS really are is a post punk band that have emerged from a new and exciting scene in Sweden.

They arrived in 2015 when second single ‘the Zoo’ set pulses racing but they remained very much under the radar until 2016. Their debut single was an eight minute space rook epic by the way and that is always a good thing.

A few incendiary live performances helped create a buzz around the band. Last year they released their debut album ‘Means’ to a wave of press acclaim. If you can ignore the fact they have named a song after Zlatan Ibrahimovic then I think you will all love FEWS.

The Hype – How about this ‘FEWS sound reverberates and shimmers incandescently’ – not enough – ok – what about ‘For FEWS the future possibilities are endless’

File Next To – Interpol obviously, but also DIIV, a touch of PiL and The Walkmen

Check Out – ‘The Queen’ obviously, but also check ‘the Zoo’ and ‘Ill’ and their debut album ‘Means’ which contains all of these.