Robbie Williams.  Really.  Is it because I am a girl?  Hmm.  I hope you’ve done better than that.

Let’s have a look at the answers.  Ok, I’ve heard of three of these, and I have been told by SWC and Badger that there is a musical stipulation matter that needs addressing for the four point track.  I have no idea what that means, I’ll let them write that bit.

Despite a few decent efforts at crawling, there will be no special awarding or deducting of 1000 plus points this week – so let’s see what you lot came up with then.

JC was apparently up early to play golf.  Ok, see that last paragraph, I mean to add on the end, ‘Unless you get up early to play golf, in which FIVE points will immediately be deducted’.  Good walk spoiled.  Although saying that the golf course near my dads house did when I was a teenager house the best magic mushrooms in the area.  Still a terrible sport though, if you can even call it that.  He gives me five answers and then immediately changes his mind to five more.  Which as SWC points out, ‘might have been a mistake’.  Maybe its the thrill of whacking a tiny ball about but he does get two right answers which makes up for having MINUS FIVE already.

Angel – Massive Attack – and Badger points out that bonus points would have been given for the ‘Blur Mix’ – but no one mentioned that.   JC you get TWO points for this one.  Dirk also mentions Massive Attack which takes him back to ZERO points.

Angels – The XX – which is featured for I think the fourth time on this blog.  Making it obvious and the ONE point answer.

JC you now have MINUS ONE points”.  Which is a good score in golf, so I’m told.

A lot of people suggesting The XX including Drew which brings us to the contentious bit.

He suggests Saint Etienne, which technically is the correct answer, but, Badger choose the ‘Casino Classics’ version of it which means I need a Badger to explain.

“The Casino Classics version of ‘Angel’ is attributed to Broadcast not Saint Etienne.  his would have got you FOUR points but as we are being deliberately picky, we decided that a mention of Saint Etienne could have TWO points – but only if no one said Broadcast“.

Got that.  no me neither.

Angel – Broadcast

Either way Drew you have FIVE points, no SIX points because I like the Kirsty MacColl song you recommended and for now you are the NEW LEADER.  Woo and indeed Hoo.

Swiss Adam I think he’s called, also mentions Saint Etienne and The XX, so he gets back up points for those, and then the obligatory deduction for mentioning Robbie.  All of which puts Swiss Adam on ONE point

Over to Jez who gives us three wrong answers, but gets a point for the recommendation of Gene, always nice to hear Gene. Jez has ONE point.

The Swede claims he was late to the party, once I arrived a party a whole day late, it was awkward, so I share your pain Swede.   You got no right answers either, but I love the Rod Stewart track so you can have appoint for that.  The Swede has ONE point.

C – Lovely C, gets a point just for being C and being correct in guessing NOT Madonna.  C now has TWO points.

Now over to Charity Chic who rather charmingly once made a tape for his beloved containing 22 tracks called ‘Angel’.  None of which are on our list and apart form the already mentioned Rod, none of which I really liked.  I hope Mrs CC was more appreciative than me CC.   Although I think you deserve points for effort.  CC has THREE points.

Walter makes me laugh,  he won’t go down the pop angle but then mentions Pharrell Williams.  He also mentions Limp Bizkit which loses him points.   Walter has THREE points.

Last weeks leader Matt is back with some suggestion and this is where JC’s mind changing comes a cropper, because Matt suggests

Angel – Belly – and gets THREE points for that. Taking him to SEVEN and back in the lead he goes.

Last months winner the ever charming Rol offers five wrong answers (again) but gets points for The Eurythmics much to the disdain of the ‘cool boys sat in the other office’. This gives Rol THREE points.

Rigid Digit loses more points for offering up Iron Maiden,  who I hate simply because my ex liked them – you are down to MINUS THREE I’m afraid.

Bluebetty offers a long list – we have to take the first FIVE blue, all of them were wrong as well.  GM Free offers five answers from him and then rather cleverly five from ‘his wife’ as well.  GM ‘your wife’ gets one for Sarah Maclachlan, you get nowt, sorry.

Which leaves George and George in a perfect world you and I would be lacing daisies into each others hair right down whilst Patsy Cline plays in the background.  Sadly as we are all acutely aware it ain’t perfect, but you can have SIX points for your answer, its not right but I’m charge.   Which takes you to FIVE points and third place.

Which leaves with the FIVE point answer.  It’s this.

Angel (Touch Me) – The 2 Bears.  Which is lovely as well.

All of which brings us to next weeks challenge

the word is ‘Yeah’ or Yeah, Yeah or Yeah Yeah Yeah and so on.