Cups – Underworld

One upon a time I worked in a bar in the Maltese City of Valletta. I say worked. I was there for three days as a favour to a bloke I knew and occasionally I pulled the odd pint. My second night there was live music night. The bar was frequented by UK tourists and the live music was aimed at them. The act was a bloke called ‘Pelle’ who was in his 40s, and had a moustache, mullet, and an open shirt revealing a medallion. He looked like a porn star.
He walked in to the place slung his leather jacket over his shoulder (it was like 90 degrees outside) marched up to the bar clicked his Cuban heels together and said to me in broken English “Hey Dude, give me an iced tea”. Iced tea. That’s how cool this mofo was.

He was a terrible singer as is happens. He sang classic pop hits over the sound of a keyboard permanently stuck on ‘musak beat’, but I tell you what, man he could play the keyboards, like a Maltese Jean Micheal Jarre he was.

From some reason that bar and that night in particular remind me of ‘Beaucoup Fish’ by Underworld. I’m not sure why as that record wasn’t even released when I worked in that bar but it just does.

If Spacemen 3 are the king of the long song then Underworld are the heirs to the throne. This is glorious, an eleven minute spaced out jazzy ambient joy with a weird vocoded vocal over the top of it. Bliss.