New Band of the Week – FEWS


A few weeks ago we posted a track by New York post punkers Wall – last week they released their debut album. Why am I telling you this – well apart from it being brilliant – it is also their last album. They split up whilst recording it. So Wall are no more. I’m hoping that this series isn’t going to be some sort of deathray to new bands.

Moving off from last weeks ‘unlistenable nonsense’ (© JC) of the Lemon Twigs to this weeks new band FEWS – and firstly can I just say – second from the left – that is one heck of a moustache.

The Queen – FEWS

Hometown – Malmo, Sweden (but seemingly based in London)

The Background – FEWS are a band who have been likened to Interpol and indeed todays track does sound kind of like something you would find on Interpol’s debut album, but with a better vocalist and more energy. What FEWS really are is a post punk band that have emerged from a new and exciting scene in Sweden.

They arrived in 2015 when second single ‘the Zoo’ set pulses racing but they remained very much under the radar until 2016. Their debut single was an eight minute space rook epic by the way and that is always a good thing.

A few incendiary live performances helped create a buzz around the band. Last year they released their debut album ‘Means’ to a wave of press acclaim. If you can ignore the fact they have named a song after Zlatan Ibrahimovic then I think you will all love FEWS.

The Hype – How about this ‘FEWS sound reverberates and shimmers incandescently’ – not enough – ok – what about ‘For FEWS the future possibilities are endless’

File Next To – Interpol obviously, but also DIIV, a touch of PiL and The Walkmen

Check Out – ‘The Queen’ obviously, but also check ‘the Zoo’ and ‘Ill’ and their debut album ‘Means’ which contains all of these.


Tim Badgers Musical Snakes and Ladders


Yup, you read that right. I had an idea. It came to me one afternoon, I was off work on a rest day and there was a knock on the door. It was Mrs SWC.

It turns out she would like me to look after their daughter for a few hours, whilst she has to take her mum to the hospital because she has just been kicked by a horse, not badly but it needs checking out (it was fine, badly bruised, nothing else), she wouldn’t ask but, I interrupt and tell her its fine – SWC did text to ask she says.

I check my phone and there is indeed a text, I just hadn’t responded to it. He tells me that he is on his way home but might an hour or so. Its fine, I can look after a four year old for an hour or so. It will be fun.

Mini SWC has bought a box with her, it has some teddies, a skipping rope and a game of Ludo and Snakes and Ladders with her. I ask her what she wants to do first she says “Do you have any of Aunty Lornas carrot cake?” – Strangely we do, so we munch on some of that whilst watching a TV programme about a cartoon boy.

Then we play Snakes and Ladders I am green and she is blue although we pretend it is purple. She wipes the floor with me, there is no cheating, no turning a blind eye, she just thrashes me, her rolls are exactly right, whilst I seem to be incapable of climbing any ladders and never avoiding the snakes. I am rubbish and Mini SWC tells me so “You are a bit rubbish at this game”. I offer her the Best of Three option in the hope that I am secretly a Snakes and Ladders hustler. She agrees, I grab some biscuits (hoping that SWC doesn’t mind me filling his daughter full of sugar and then just handing her over) and try again. Nope, still lost. It was a bit closer but I’m still well beaten.

SWC arrives and he tells me that the sign of a good childminder is biscuit crumbs on the floor and the fact she doesn’t want to go home. He looks at the Snakes and Ladders game and asks

“Did she beat you?”

“Handsomely” is my reply as I pack the game up and pop it back inside the box. I also give them the rest of the carrot cake.

Then they are off. The game was fun, it brought back memories of my childhood playing the same game with my parents and my brother. About an hour later I have my big idea, which means a trip into my loft. Which is quite dangerous as I probably have a wasps nest in it.

“It’s stupid” says KC, at lunch time when I have grabbed the other WYCRAers for what I have called “An emergency blog meeting” (sounds dramatic, it was the only way that they would have turned up). In front of them lays a Snakes and Ladders game – it goes up to one hundred. My plan is that we play a game and every square we land on reveals a song and we then write about each square. The first one to get to square one hundred wins and has full editorial control of the blog for a week – meaning they get to write about and post whatever they like and the others have to agree.

“Strangely I like it” says SWC (he’s confident and thinks he can win), “Can I be green?” I nod – KC sighs and puts down her sandwich and picks up yellow. I’ll be purple/blue.

So, we have a board, and after I got out of the loft (wasp nest looks dormant, I poked it with a long piece of bamboo) I fired up the ipod and made a note of the first 100 hundred songs (not limited to one song per band) and assigned each one of them to a square. We will post whatever we land on with a one line review and if we land on either a snake or a ladder then we will post bonus material. The first ladder is on six. You can win this game with just five rolls, that is as my brother used to say, “The Perfect Game”. So hopefully we won’t be too long, as this idea will run out of steam fairly quickly I think like the cup competition or one of the other million ideas we start and then stop.

“Ladies first” I say to KC, she rolls – four – which means

Mrs Robinson – the Lemonheads

KC’s review of this is as follows “I far prefer the original” which I think is roughly the only thing you can say about it. We all far prefer the original.

SWC is next as we are following the ‘left always’ mantra. He rolls a five. Putting him in the lead, five means,

Come Home – Ryan Adams – which might be a Saturday answer in a few weeks to come but here is his one line review

“A rather pleasant alt country romp from a distinctly under par album”

I roll a two. Which means I am last and I am still going to be rubbish – but two means

If I Can’t Change your Mind (Live) – Sugar

Which is the best song so far and my review of it is thus “Excellent”

And there we leave it – more next week – I haven’t thought what happens if we land on the same square – so any ideas gratefully received. But next week we will do rolls two and three. If you want to bet on the outcome the current running odds are

SWC 3- 1 (Square 5)

KC – 5- 1 (Square 4)

Badger 750 – 1 (Square 2)

The Saturday Song Challenge – Tracey, Tracy, Tracie, Trace


Before I start and before I have read a single answer, I would like to hand out some points, and as I am in charge this week, SWC tells me I can do this. So, JC, Drew, Dirk, Walter, Swiss Adam, and Charity you are all awarded minus 1000 points.

Rol, the charmingly named Swede, C, Jonny the Lawyer and Echorich, I award you each 1000 points. With the wheat and chuff separated let’s get on with the show.

I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to mark or even write this (pretty much like you have done in your opening sentence I guess – SWC). It’s my own fault I offered and the boys agreed, so here I am. The problem is like most of you I own very few songs called ‘Tracey’ however you want to spell it and by very few I mean none whatsoever. SWC tells me that there is a formula to writing this, and that is to review the comments and then reveal the answers as and when they appear. I am then supposed to list the answers in obscure order awarding five points for the most obscure – now anyone who has been reading anything I have written will know that my knowledge of music is weak.

Therefore I have decided to award five points for three answers because I have never heard of any of them this week, two points for one band that I have heard of but never actually heard and one point for the band that I have heard of. I will also say that two of these songs are stretching the ‘Tracey’ connection but SWC chose those and was probably ‘trying to be clever’.

So as to your answers – lets start with one of the thousand point guys Rol – he offers a selection of Blur, Prince and someone called the Cufflinks. All of which are WRONG! – Although judging by at least two of the right answers, Blur should have been right, so I’m going to give you another point for that.

Next up comes another thousand pointer, Swede, who at least offers a song called Tracey by Nick Waterhouse, a song that I have just googled and like very much indeed. So I’m going award that a point as well. It’s not right, but again it should have been.

Back to Rol – and he does get the first correct answer of the week with ‘Mogwai’ who are a band that I have heard of but never heard – Mogwai are the two point band – but SWC – has jumped in with his ‘umpire’s costume on’ – which is actually rather better than it sounds – to stipulate that Rol doesn’t get the two points – but one – all will be revealed. Single points are also awarded here to C, and Drew (-999 now, well done).

The two points go to Dirk because he was first to mention the ‘Playing with the Young Team Remix’ of ‘Tracey’ by Mogwai which is in fact the song that SWC had on the list. So Dirk is up to -998. GM Free also mentioned the same mix but not quite as quickly as Dirk, sorry.

Tracey (Playing with the Young Team Mix) – Mogwai – the remix was done by someone called Kid Loco by the way and I have just listened to it for the first time and all I can say is the non remixed version better be better than that.

That was the only correct answer – so Tracey had you all stumped, I’m afraid. The Great Gog can have a point though for recommending ‘Tracie’ by Level 42, I mean it’s not right – this is SWC and Badger we are talking about here – they are far too cool (or think they are) to have Level 42 on their ipods. Although on Wednesday we are having an ipod swap day in the office, so I will soon find out if that’s true or not.

So the right answers – here are the three five point answers

Tracey – Public Access TV – which SWC points out is the ‘second time they have been the answer’. It is the first time I have ever listened to Public Access TV and I  quite like that – a kind of pleasing sort of racket.

Next up Tracy – The Kissaway Trail – who are from Denmark and therefore SWC thinks they are cool. He is seriously thinking about moving to Denmark. Tracey is track three from their debut self titled album and SWC recommends you check it out.

Thirdly is where the envelope starts to get really pushed for it is

Tropics (Erase Traces) by My Morning Jacket – they are an American band and this appears on their ‘The Waterfall’ album. Badger’s turn to explain – “there was a barmaid at a pub near by Dads house in Haxby called ‘Trace’ and she got sacked for nicking all the cigarettes out of the machine. For some reason this song made me think of her”.   Glad that’s cleared up.

On a similar vein let’s move on to the only song that I have actually heard on this list and that is

Leave a Trace – Chvrches

Which if you follow Badger’s logic is self-explanatory. I think what this means is that SWC and Badger only have three songs called Tracey and drastically needed to pad it out to five songs. Great song though.

So the table

Rol has 1004 points he is followed by C who has 1002, Swede who has 1001, Jonny and Echorich who have 1000. GMFree has 2 points, the Great Gog has 1 and then it’s a long way back to Dirk who has -997 and the rest of you have some work to do.

So on to next week and I’m told that Badger is scoring this next week and the word he needs is


Off you go then.

Hello Leathery Ken


I’d sat in the car for about fifteen minutes, whilst Dad chatted to the man in the car park. I am supposed to be moving house today, and Dad had once again borrowed Ron’s van to move my stuff – there was a few more bits and pieces in the back than last time. Its all just sitting there waiting to be moved. Dad got out to check if the garage key worked and he hasn’t been back since. He’s just standing in the car park chatting to a leathery looking bloke in shorts.

I just wanted to move in now, I mean I could just get out the van and open the door to the flat – and in fact I don’t know why I am not doing just that, oh yeah, Dad has the keys.

Eventually he comes back and tells me that was “Ken”, from now on known as ‘Leathery Ken’ and that he went “To school with him” and that he was “The Caretaker here”. He then proceeds to tell me this

“Of course, Ken went to live in Portugal when he was 18, his parents were something to do with time shares, which were all the rage in the late 60s. I think however, that his parents got caught defrauding thousands of people and served fifteen years or something, Ken married a go go dancer from the Algarve and to be honest with you I thought he was dead. Obviously not. He’s alright Ken, bit of an old perv, but you’ll be ok.”

Nice. Thanks Dad.

Then he laughed, “ We used to flush his head down toilet at school – happy times, come on let’s get the kettle on”.

Even nicer, but then a thought struck me Shit, I don’t have a kettle. Sensing my fear, Dad goes

“Your mum bought you one” he suddenly said, reaching behind his seat and pulling out a box of stuff that I hadn’t noticed for the entire twenty minutes of the journey and the fifteen further minutes that I had been sitting perfectly still looking at the driver’s seat.

Three hours later, I have moved in. It looks a bit sparse, two chairs in a massive twenty foot lounge, a table and a few boxes, but “Its work in progress” as Dad says.

I have literally just finished unpacking the CDs and the books and plugging in the stereo. I am holding a Faithless CD in my hand which I’d chosen to be the first music to be played in my flat purely because I’d watched them on the telly last night on some programme.

Bring My Family Back

The flat is great, it has double doors which open out on to the canal path – there is a crowd of ducks sitting across the canal on the bank and I have a little balcony area on which I can sit and watch the world go by.

My mum arrives, she has turned up in my car, and is carrying three presents.

One is a yucca plant – apparently according to her, they are lucky. I seem to remember she bought me one of these when I moved into my house in Bristol. I am sceptical of their luckiness. The second is a picture of my sister, my parents and me on holiday when I was seven – I am sitting on a wall in Rhyl looking massively pissed off. The reason for this that I fell off said wall about twenty minutes earlier and had a stupid looking Mr Bump plaster on my knee. However twenty five years later the picture makes me laugh. My Mum claims that even then it showed off my ‘human side’. In fact ever since that day I’ve thought that smiling was over rated.

The third one is a parcel.

“It’s from Alice” mum says, looking at me eagerly and expecting me to open it right now. Which I of course do.

It is four things, a blow up sofa, a bottle of tequila, a stupid straw hat with a donkey on it and an envelope. The envelope contains return tickets to Spain and a note. The notes reads “So, your mum told me that you’d got a new place. Knowing you, you won’t have any furniture so the sofa is for you to use – but be careful, if more than one person sits on it, it has a tendency to tip over, the second is for ‘entertaining purposes’, the third is for you to wear on the plane when you use the fourth thing.” I look at the tickets they are dated for next Saturday, with a return a week later.

I look at my mum, she so knew what it was, because she is grinning from ear to ear, like she has had eaten too much maple syrup. My dad pokes his head from around the kitchen door and shouts

“Don’t worry we’re not coming with you” – so he knew as well. He walks out carrying a tray with three cups and from somewhere, biscuits as well. As I sit there on the ‘good chair’ it suddenly dawns on me, I have never been on a plane on my own before. I suddenly feel proper grown up, I have also never lived on my own before, I have no idea how to change a plug or to put up a shelf (not that I can do this in this flat – but you know what I mean). But I realise that it doesn’t matter, Dad will come round and help if I need him – this is it, a new start, well a trip to Spain and then a new start, and a new sofa.

I pop the CD on the side, and we drink our tea. The tea tastes better than any cup I have ever had before. My dad usually makes lousy tea, but today for some reason it tasted perfect. Mum and Dad drink up and then they leave, mum promises to come back tomorrow with ‘one or two things’.

Fifteen minutes later I pick the CD up and pop it in the stereo – I crank up the volume to the level marked ‘annoyingly loud’, I put on the stupid hat, crack open the tequila, pour myself a large one and dance around the place like I just don’t care. Life feels good.

God Is A DJ

Take the Long Way Home

Rest Day Thursday – Number 2


And relax….This is the day we can post anything we like. Very few words, just the music and the reason why we post it. Here’s Badger

I was going to post something by Baby Bird because there is a chap on the comments who keeps mentioning them and they were great and don’t get anywhere near as much credit as they should. But when SWC said I could post anything, anything at all, no need to choose it randomly or connect it to a list or compare it to an animal or a place I had a rethink. It was much harder than I thought but in the end I went for two tracks that I heard last week: –

You Can’t Me Hurt Now – Bonnie Prince Billy – Because I was listening to the ‘Beware’ album just last week and I’d forgotten how tremendous it was.

Uno – Muse – Because I think its funny that the drummer from Muse is now one of SWC’s close neighbours.

Next week its KC’s turn.


WYCRA’s Best 50 Second Albums – Number 47

inspiral cruel

‘The Beast Inside’ – Inspiral Carpets (1991) – Chosen by SWC

Sleep Well Tonight

I read somewhere last week whilst researching this that Michael Stipe lists this as his ‘favourite Inspiral Carpets album’. Which I am sure you are all delighted to hear. I’ve emailed Stipe to ask him what his favourite Dodgy album is, because frankly I won’t sleep until I find out (Bet its ‘Homegrown’).

It’s also my favourite Inspiral Carpets album. An album which I bought for £4 on cassette from the short lived and barely remembered ‘Rainham Records’ a small shop that graced my local precinct for roughly eight months in 1991.   I remember the cassette well because on this album Side Two was much longer than side one. The reason for this was ‘Further Away’ a thirteen minute or so epic that at the time I thought was wonderful, but the constant fast forwarding at the end of side one was annoying. Years later I bought the CD version.

For me, ‘The Beast Inside’ was proof that the Inspiral Carpets were not a band that were going to lumped in the growing mass of uninspiring Manchester bands that had suddenly appeared. ‘The Beast Inside’ is a staggering record one that is as inventive as it is bewildering. It is full of stunning tracks, but it sounds nothing like the Carpets we heard on their debut album ‘Life’. Yes there is the organ sound and the rumbling bass and the vocals but the sound has developed.

For example during ‘Sleep Well Tonight’ the organ sounds almost ambient, it builds through bass into guitar and then finally the vocals burst through. You’ve also got ‘Niagra’ which is pretty much a duet between that quiet little organ and Tom’s vocals which at times borders on heartbreaking. It is stunningly gorgeous regardless.


Of course there are stand out tunes, ‘Caravan’ is classic Carpets and ‘Please Be Cruel’ is as good a piece of psychedelia as you will ever hear.


Please Be Cruel


The WYCRA Best 50 Second Albums – Number 48


‘So Tough’ – Saint Etienne (1993) – Chosen by Badger

Conchita Martinez

The reason why this album is on the list is pretty obvious. This is a great album. It is Saint Etienne’s best album and I think their most successful one. It also just happens to be their second album, following the marginally successful ‘Foxbase Alpha’.

What I love about it is the way that at times the band manage to make the mundane and boring sound so enthralling. The way that Sarah Cracknell sings about things like Bruce on the Generation Game or those tomato shaped ketchup bottles. I also love the way that when I listen to it today, it still sounds fresh. Tracks like ‘Conchita Martinez’ sound exactly like the sort of music you hear in sun kissed Mediterranean cafes. And let’s be honest is there a better soundtrack to be listening to whilst people watching in a street café on the outskirts of Nice or something? Which is weird because it’s an album about living in London – yet it’s a London transported to the French Riveria.

Every time I listen to this I think of early summer, a late May morning perhaps, bright and hazy with broken clouds all over the place.

Then there are the pop songs, ‘You’re In a Bad Way’ for instance. A clear bona fide pop classic. Which when I heard it for the first time I fell in love with Sarah Cracknell, which is probably why the record appealed to dance music fans and indie music fans equally.

‘Avenue’ is another example, all sumptuous and ambitious at the same time. ‘So Tough’ is full of brilliant brilliant tunes, ‘Hobart Paving’ is another, ‘Railway Jam’ another.

You’re In A bad Way


You’ve also got Sarah’s vocals, all breathy and dreamy one moment then all soulful and serious the next. ‘So Tough’ is gorgeous. It’s a real genre buster, at times is unquestionably brilliant pop music, at times it is a house record, at times it is an indie record and then once or twice it’s an ambient record. All of it works. All of it is brilliant.   Check it out.


New Band of the Week – The Lemon Twigs


Hot on the heels on The Big Moon here comes some twisty wonky pop from the New York’s Lemon Twigs and if musical brilliance is  judged by hair and shirts alone – then these guys are top of the tree.

These Words – The Lemon Twigs

Hometown: Long Island, New York

The background: The Lemon Twigs are basically two brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario who sing, write and play all the instruments. They formed at school – they make a lo-fi pop heavily influenced by The Beatles and the Beach Boys. I think it’s fair to say that The Lemon Twigs are going to divide opinion amongst you. Some of you will think they sound like Supertramp or are just far too hipster for their own good.

Brian and Michael are 19 and 17 respectively and for lads of that ages they are astonishingly good. Their talent is not in question, when you listen to the track above, remember this, they wrote it, sung it and play every instrument on it that you can hear. Look at the picture above, they look like a glam rock band, kind of like the Bay City Rollers it is ok to like. No scrap that, they look like two lads who have wandered into Ziggy Stardust’s dressing room and got locked in the wardrobe.

The Hype: An online magazine described ‘These Words’ as a near perfect opus showcasing the finest raw songwriting around and another one said that it’s flip side ‘As Long As We’re Together’ is the best lo-fi anthem you will hear this decade. It’s not quite that but it is really rather good.

File Next to: Friendly Furnaces, Supertramp, Wings, Ramones, Denim at a push

Check Out These Words obviously and its flip side As Long As We’re Together. Also if you like that their debut album ‘Do Hollywood’ was released at the end of last year.

C’mon you love them don’t you.

Four Year Old Record Reviews


Anyone out there remember Bentley Rhythm Ace? There were if memory serves me rightly a guy from Pop Will Eat Itself and another bloke who made sample heavy dance music which featured records that claimed they have purchased from car boot sales. They were signed to Skint and as such they got lumped into the Big Beat genre.

They were The Avalanches before The Avalanches if you like, although probably not quite as good as The Avalanches. But before that – let’s talk about the bloke in the picture above.

That is Mr Bloom. He has a nursery with talking vegetables, a fennel called Joan, a Butternut Squash called Raymond, a Runner Bean called Colin and a cabbage called Margaret. I kid you not. There is also a singing Aubergine called Sebastian.

I am going to see Mr Bloom live today, it is a treat for my daughter as she is a big Mr Bloom fan, I know that it will be awful but she will love it and that is main thing.

The CD that she chooses for the roughly 15 minute drive is the debut album by long forgotten Midlands band Bentley Rhythm Ace. We don’t need to listen to music on the way there but she insists largely because the sleeve has purple on it, which is her favourite colour.

I stick the CD press the shuffle button and we are met with the first track on the album Let There Be Flutes’ which does exactly what it says on the tin. It has flutes chirping away over a background of big beats and chunky basses. It is actual rather good. My daughter bounces away to it in her new car seat. She tells me that the music is “Really lovely” and I agree. To be honest any music with bouncing beats, quirky noises and sweet things chirping away on it is going to be liked by a youngster.

Next up we have ‘Midlander’ perhaps the song that I associate with the Bentley Boys more than any other – again it has this Big Beat floating through with a load of scratches and bleeps and loops and riffs running over the top of it. I make a mental note to listen to the album all the way through at work the next day.

We arrive at the car park and that is where the day takes a slightly sour turn. Firstly it is £4.50 to park for two hours. I moan at the Government and then the local council for this serious rip off. Plus I only have five pound coins so they steal fifty pence off me.

Next up as we are walking back to the car to put our ticket on the car I see a Dad struggling with his young lad. The lad is about the same age as my daughter and is mucking around – he won’t stand still in car park, he won’t put his coat on, he just wants to go and see Mr Bloom. He is obviously excited. The Dad is getting more and more annoyed. He has just shouted at little Jenson to ‘stand the fuck still’. Now, there is no need for swearing I thought and I look at my daughter who is busy looking at the bluebells on the grass verge.

“That daddy is not very happy” she says. I stick the ticket on the dash and then hold out my hand and my daughter attaches herself to me. I’m lucky she does what I ask, largely I think because I (hope at least) treat her like a human being rather than just barking out orders at her all day.

Then it happens. Jenson runs off again and his dad loses it. Big Time. He throws something on the floor and grabs Jenson by the arm. From where I’m standing it looks like he is gripping the lad rather tightly. Dad shakes him and then something happens which makes me feel physically sick.

He hits him.

He doesn’t just tap him but this is a full on slap to the face, what your dad and mine would call a backhander. This virtually floors the kid who bursts into tears and just stands there crying, screaming.

I stop in my tracks. An old guy across the car park also stops. The old guy looks at me, he’s expecting me to do something I think. If my daughter hadn’t have been with me, I would have been over there and slapped the guy back even if he is bigger than me.

“Daddy, that daddy hit that boy”.

I tell her I know and then he shouldn’t have done and that she isn’t to worry about it. I take a deep breath and wander over to the angry dad, reluctantly I take my daughter with me – possibly for back up, possibly because I don’t think he’ll hit me whilst I’m holding my daughters hand.

I ask if everything is alright. The man is holding his boy now, cuddling him, there are tears in both sets of eyes. He nods, there is obvious shame and regret here. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen again I think to myself. I want to slap the dad, I want to throttle him to be honest but that won’t change a thing.

I look at the boy and ask him the same thing. He nods shyly. “You going to see Mr Bloom?” I ask him. He nods, “Us too” I say and I look at the Dad and he looks ashamed. He can’t look me in the eye. Then my daughter does something, which, bless her, is an action that far outweighs her age and one that almost makes me burst with pride. She gets a tissue out of her pocket and hands it to the boy.

“It’s Paw Patrol” she said. He takes it and a little smile appears.

“Come on” I tell her, and we walk away and when I get around the corner I tell her “Let’s go and get an ice cream”. The old man from the car park catches us up and tells me he has phoned the police and given them the dad’s number plate. It’s probably the right thing to do, I mean its assault whichever way you want to look at it. I tell him that it was the right thing to do. He looks at me, and says, “Yeah, but you would have punched him if your girl wasn’t there, right?” I smile and say “I would like to think so”.

“I would have done so if I wasn’t 82” he laughs and says goodbye.

The show? Well it is awful. The kids love it though, my daughter dances, sings along, laughs out loud when Jeff the worm burps and her little face is a picture when Mr Bloom waves at her. Well it was kind of in her direction, but that made her day.  Thanks Mr Bloom.

Run On The Spot – this was playing when we got home, and its awesome.



The Saturday Song Challenge – Magic(k)


About now somewhere in Glasgow there is a bunch of middle aged guys nursing sore heads. So this is your opportunity to get in quick and win some early points but before that let’s review ‘Magic (k)’.

‘Magic’ very nearly stumped you. So let me if I may let some daylight in upon magic.

First out of the blocks was as usual Rol who tries to get off to a good start by mentioning the likes of Ben Folds, Bruce Springsteen, Nick Drake and Ladyhawke but it is his fourth guess that wins him some points.

Magic – Cud

He gets a firm two points for this – ‘Magic’ comes from the ‘Leggy Mambo’ which I would argue is their best album. Dirk and newbie GMFree also grab a late point for agreeing with Rol.

Next up here comes JC.   Who gets no correct answers with his five answers, but he does get a point for mentioning and recommending The Lovely Eggs because they are great. This point is immediately deducted though for mentioning Pilot who are not great.

JC is followed by The Swede who also gets nil points despite mentioning Men of North Country.

Now C, is up next and she plays the obligatory Ryan Adams Joker Card and claims that Ryan Adams has a song called ‘Magic(k)’ which indeed he does – well in fact its Ryan Adams and the Cardinals but it still counts. See that C, that’s a point. Sadly Ryan only gets a point these days, as he has become something of an obvious answer.

Magick – Ryan Adams and The Cardinals

Swiss Adam and last year’s thing Drew both, like weirdly boggled out multi-millionaire Duncan Bannatyne, declared themselves ‘Out’ although Badger was tempted to give Drew a point for saying that he had ‘Hee haw’.

Charity Chic and Rigid Digit then appeared and again offered wrong answers. CC gets a bonus point though for ‘Magic Bus’ by the Who because it’s a great song and Rigid gets one for ‘Magic’ by Olivia Newton John but for non-musical reasons.

Which leaves us with Walter who offers me Coldplay and gets no points for it. Now next week KC is doing this nonsense, so I suggest you all try Coldplay with her. You’ll get points for sure.

So onto the right answers – in reverse order

Magick – The Klaxons – hear that noise, that’s the sound of your memories being reminded of how brilliant the Klaxons were and should have continued to be before that started marrying Hollywood actresses and running marathons.   This would have got you three points

Magic – Girls – this would have got your four points and is taken from Girls’ rather excellent second album ‘Father, Son Holy Ghost’ and finally

Magic – Vic Mensa – Which is the big obscure five pointer this week – Vic is a wonderful rapper from the States. This comes from his free to download mixtape ‘Innanetape’ – which is tremendous.

Which leads us to the scores. Badger wants to add a cup competition into this as well but he’s not sure how it would work yet. Anyway

Rol has two points, C has one point as does Charity Chic, Dirk, GMFree and Rigid Digit. Everyone else has Hee Haw.

So next week. KC will be doing the scoring and we are combing three iPods for the answers – but she will deciding what scores what. The song title we are looking for is ‘Tracy’ or the various spelling of that.

Off you go then.